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Insta Thunder Latest Version v11 [ Insta ⚡]

Insta Thunder Latest Version v11 [ Insta ⚡]

What is Insta Thunder ?
Hey Everyone! Inst thunder  APK is  the best Insta Mod  for Android devices. and this devlope by SamMods. By the way, No more worries at all.We have all new Insta thunder   to replace the Other Insta Mod in the aspects of features and performance. Recently developer has released the latest version based on the Play Store Base.  

  • [Base Update]
  • [Added]Advance Bio
  • [Fixed] Many Bugs
  • [Base Update]
  • [Added] Hide Translator
  • [Added] Remove Black Borders in stories
  • [Added]Disable stories autoskip
  • [Fixed] Facebook Login
  • Ultra  Privcay – In Every App Privacy is important. In this version have some use full privacy features.(Do not mark messages as read in direct, Hide View Stories, Hide typing status in DM)..
  • Download Stories & Media – Downloading is Most Important can save stories and download images and video in feeds by pressing download button and also using extra option.
  • Save IGTV Videos – You can Save IGTV videos to your  android device storage .
  • Ad-free –  ( Insta Thunder) Fully Ad-free You won’t see any advertisements in between the feed and stories.
  • Photos in max quality – Using this feature you can share full resolution.
  • Translate – Supports Google and Yandex translation engine. One can translate comments and posts to English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
  • In-app browser – You Have choice option need to open another browser to visit any link.
  • Shopping items in search – You can disable advertisement items .
  • Unfollowing tracker – Many people  know who unfollowed them. So, this option makes sense in that case. Even, you can see the list of unfollowers with this InstaPro.
  • App lock – Don’t need any other app and  tools anymore. Just insta pro lock your InstaThunder with the pin code.
  • Follows You – Ability to showing ( FOLLOWS YOU ) Tag. You can easly see who follow you.
  • Msg Boomber – Ability 
  • Chats DND Mode – You not be able send/recive message
  • Translation – You can translate msg befor send

some shortcuts features

  • Enable/Disable Double-tap to like
  • Download media on triple tap.
  • Zoom picture on long tap.
  • Disable swipe to open camera and DM.

mini features

  • Copy comments.
  • Copy users bio.
  • Comments links can be opened directly.
Step 1. Uninstall playstore version of InstaThunder ; if installed
Step 2. Download Insta Thunder apk
Step 3. It may give you a warning about this installation, don’t rush. Just go to the settings and enable unknown sources option or allow this source.
Step 4. Again tap on the Insta Thunder APK file and install on your android device.

MOD Name Insta Thunder 
 Version 11
 Base Version
Device Android
Minimum Os 4.4.2 UP
File Type APK
Developer  SamMods
Download Size 40MB
Downloads 46000+
Download Server Mediafire


  1. I'll give you an idea, it could have a function to notify who unfollowed you, many spend hours looking for those who unfollowed and this function would help a lot.

  2. Bom dia, seria tão bom se tivesse um remod do snaptube onde fosse possível fazer o loguin.

  3. In new version,App getting crashed while scrolling thee feeds ,while scrolling share options will come and app close

    1. Same Problem Solution Please🥺😟

    2. Same here. It crashes a lot.

  4. Please add disable ad option

  5. Keeps crashing. It's trying to share some code message for no reason nonstop

  6. Adiciona uma opção de notificação quando alguém deixa de seguir, visualiza o storie e online, e deixa o storie mais longo, todos os app semelhantes que usei já tem isso, só falta aqui mano, gosto de usar o seu!
    Espero que veja, tmj...

  7. Seria daora também ver a localização da pessoa que mandou a mensagem, tem muito fake.

  8. Me sale mucha publicidad

  9. Is there going to be a new version? Home buttons are all mixed up.

  10. app lock is not added to this version.

  11. da pra ver quem entrou no meu perfil com ele?

  12. Please add messanger react emoji

  13. Can't login facebook

  14. Stuck on login facebook,please update

  15. Still seeing adds between feeds! Why???

  16. Link for download crashed, please check it.

  17. Download nhi ho rha

  18. File has been removed from the server it says!