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Dragon Calculator Vault - Calculator + Invisible Security (Hide photos & videos)

Dragon Calculator Vault - Calculator + Invisible Security (Hide photos & videos)

Dragon calculator vault app is for hide photos, video, app lock in secure way with this secure calculator app is best choice for you. secure calculator app protects your photo album, gallery, secret videos. This app make them hidden and invisible on your phone. This is a best app to lock photo, video on android mobile. Protect your privacy, make private files more secure.If photos, videos are locked by this app, they will no visible in photo gallery..

The best thing about this apk this was free of cost download and use also download official from apps store (Playstore)

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Dragon Calculator Vault – Hidden Photo & Video Photos & Video vault calculator is a simple calculator, which includes a hidden gallery.

Version Info

NameDragon Calculator Vault 
Last UpdatedJune 2020
VariantsWith Emoji 

What is Dragon Calculator Vault ?

Dragon Calculator Vault – Hidden Photo & Video Photos & Video vault calculator is a simple calculator, which includes a hidden gallery, contacts and notes.These functions are covered by calculator, and not visible at first. You should type a password to open these hidden functionality. You will write password directly in the calculator, so no one else will guess that there are other functions except for calculator. App Features:: Image Vault: Hide your pictures easily from a gallery, album or photos. The best vault app to hide your private photos. It looks like a standard calculator with all its functions, but have a secret space behind it. The files inside the Calculator Vault is protected with a password and completely hidden.

Features of  Dragon Calculator Vault  

Video Vault : Hide your videos easily from a gallery, album or videos.
File Vault : Hide your any format files from built-in file explorer.
Invisible Feature : Convert Dragon Vault App To Invisible App.
App Convert Feature : Change Dragon Vault App Name and Icon.
Intruder Access : Capture photos of person who trying to break your app lock security with wrong PIN.

How to Install Dragon Calculator Vault 

This is very easy Download the  APK to your Android device. Now Click On APK Install it, STEP 1 👉Download and install the given apk. STEP 2👉If You get any error then donwload apk from playstore . STEP 3👉After that complete the setup and start using it. Enjoy ! 🙂


This is the best New Unique apk now days and fast secure stable apk. Dragon Vualt Up gives you options to be different. It’s light, RAM & battery  great use of. (Make something great of your daily conversations. )


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  7. Thank you for sharing information about Dragon Calculator Vault application. It sounds like a useful tool to protect privacy and secure personal files on Android devices. Android games provides Dragon Calculator Vault app, a useful app to hide photos, videos and lock apps securely. With this secure Dragon Calculator app, users can protect their secret photo albums, gallery and videos. This app makes these files anonymous and invisible on your phone. This is a great app to lock photos and videos on Android mobile phones. It definitely protects your privacy and makes private files more secure. When photos and videos are locked with this app, they won't appear in your photo library. The best thing about this APK is that you can download and use it for free, as well as download it from the official app store (Playstore), ensuring reliability and safety. Android games also provides a wide range of other applications such as applications for watching movies, listening to music, reading books, learning and many more.